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Pinterest Marketing for the Services Industry

Most service providers have not thought about the potential of Pinterest, or they might think it is a platform in which they do not belong. The truth of the matter is, Pinterest could be the perfect platform to add to your marketing portfolio.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the most common myths about Pinterest is that it is considered a social media platform. Much like Google and YouTube, Pinterest is a search engine powered by visually appealing images from varying niches. If you are already focusing some of your marketing efforts on Google rankings, you should probably re-think how Pinterest marketing and keyword strategizing could help grow your business even further.

Beginning your Pinterest marketing journey starts with creating a free Pinterest business account, optimizing boards and pins, and creating stunning click-worthy graphics. If you find Pinterest to be too confusing, overwhelming, or you just simply do not have the time to juggle every aspect of your business, hire out the work to a Pinterest expert who’s familiar with Pinterest SEO and keyword research!

The Purpose of Pinterest

As mentioned, people use Pinterest to SEARCH. If you have ever used Pinterest yourself to search for a recipe, home remedy, or home decor ideas, you know what we mean. Other social networking sites are not used for this purpose. This is not to say you shouldn’t use other platforms, but it is probably a good idea to use them all in different ways.

For example, if you are a local dentistry, try creating some blog content on your website to market on Pinterest. Ideas include “how to remove coffee stains from your teeth” or “when do you start brushing your child’s teeth?” Pinterest users are always looking for advice and to become educated on various topics. Use this as an opportunity to promote your pins to an audience in the local area.

Is Pinterest Right for my Service-based Business?

Some bloggers claim that Pinterest marketing is not effective for the professional services industry, e-commerce sites, or local businesses. We respectfully disagree.

When it comes to service providers and Pinterest, it is likely you already have something of value to provide your audience. Whether it is a podcast episode, blog post or free printable pdf, these are all great ways to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site. Sales funnels are quite successful on Pinterest.

Pinterest is also a favorite platform for e-commerce businesses. Did you know that only 27% of businesses are currently using Pinterest? Not only that but 90% of weekly Pinterest users will use the platform for making purchasing decisions. Over 50% of its users log in to Pinterest with the intention to make a product purchase.

Although Pinterest is not location-specific, there are ways to target local audiences on the platform. Promoted pins are great for local audience targeting. As far as your return on investment goes, one study found that businesses made a return of $4.30 for every $1 spent on promoted pins (also known as Pinterest ad campaigns).

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