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Harness the power of social media content with our Charlotte influencer marketing agency. Our approach uses an authentic amplification of your product or service. Influencer marketing works because influencers, also known as content creators, have built an audience that trusts their content and preferences. 

This is the psychological concept of social proof: when the endorsement of a brand by an influencer makes that brand valuable and worth trying for an influencer’s followers. Influencers leverage this concept to endorse brands that align with their interests or niche.

One study found that influencer marketing campaigns return an average of 5x the value of every $1 invested. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

If you need help navigating the influencer marketing process, such as creator selection, rate negotiation, creative development, and reporting, our team of experts will be your guide.



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Using social listening tools and processes, our Charlotte influencer marketing agency experts dive into metrics and identify the perfect influencers for your brand before developing a comprehensive campaign plan. After the contract has been signed and the campaign is complete, we compile the results comprehensively to demonstrate its ROI.

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I was so impressed since Day 1, from campaign launch to wrap-up and follow-up. The level of communication, detail, and pivoting has been top-notch. Most importantly, we’ve gained invaluable insights (that) will help us immensely with digital advertising this year.

Stella Lee

Marketing Manager, Dornbracht Americas

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frequently asked questions

Is influencer marketing worth it?

Influencer marketing is worth the investment, in fact, one study found that for every $1 invested into an influencer marketing campaign, brands earned an average of $5.20. Other studies revealed that the average engagement rate for Instagram influencers is 3.86% and 89% of brands who are using influencer marketing report that its ROI is comparable to or better than other marketing channels.

What industries should use influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing can be an effective strategy for a wide range of industries including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, hospitality, food and beverage, travel, tech, SaaS, and healthcare. The way influencer marketing can be most effective for different industries is by identifying influencers whose values align with your brand’s messaging.

Which type of influencer should you use for your campaign?

The type of influencer you use for your campaign will depend on your brand’s niche, the goal of the campaign, and your influencer marketing budget. There are benefits to partnering with each different type of influencer; for example, micro-influencers who have a comparatively small number of followers have built an intimate relationship with their followers who are more likely to trust the brands they promote than the followers of mega-influencers.

Do you have to use a marketing agency for influencer marketing campaigns?

Using a marketing agency for influencer campaign management is recommended because agency teams have expertise in identifying, vetting, and partnering with the right influencers, as well as developing, executing, and tracking influencer campaigns. Our agency will provide valuable insights and tools to optimize future influencer marketing campaigns that save time and money for our clients.