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Marketing Practices to Love or Leave in 2024

It’s not a new year without a hoard of e-newsletters, articles, and blog posts recapping the previous year and looking ahead toward what’s to come. For many, reliving their musical year via Spotify Wrapped is enough recap to bear (I listened to Taylor Swift’s 10-minute song HOW many times?!), which is why we wanted to take a fresh approach to this topic. Read on for our key marketing practices that you should love in 2022, and which you should leave in 2021.

Adding Influencer Marketing to Your StrategyInfluencer Marketing - Crimson Park Digital

We’re not ashamed to say that we talk about the value of influencer marketing a lot. We’ve provided an overview of what influencer marketing is, discussed industries that would (and do!) benefit from influencer marketing, and listed the top 4 platforms where influencers shine. The newest data says that the influencer market will be worth $15 billion by the end of 2022, so don’t you dare leave it. Not sure where to start? Here are some essential tips on how to begin an influencer marketing program.

Unbalanced Marketing Budgets

unbalanced marketing budget - Crimson Park Digital

We know it can be intimidating to hand over the reins of your brand’s digital footprint. But the desire to keep marketing efforts mostly in-house can lead to incorrect usage of creative assets, SEO tools, and keyword bidding – to name a few. Say, 98% of

 campaign funding goes toward new branding design, 1% to Facebook Ads, and 1% to Google Ads…the sad truth is no one is going to see the designs you just spent all that money on. Remember, to develop an attainable and effective marketing budget, you have to plan for initial research and creative asset development, campaign execution, and performance reporting. Optimization of campaigns can only occur after a strategy is sufficiently evaluated for efficiency and effectiveness of converting. We recommend designing your marketing budget based on a campaign strategy that best fits your brand.



Jumping Into TikTok tiktok advertising - Crimson Park Digital

You might think of TikTok as the app characterized by endless scrolling, public dancing, and the milk crate challenge. As marketers, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and unlock this platform’s advertising potential. Though TikTok is largely favored by Gen Z, older users have increasingly been joining the platform since 2020, opening up the demographics of your potential purchasing audience. In fact, TikTok was the most downloaded app globally in 2021, with 656 million downloads. With a built-in advertising manager and endless opportunities, TikTok is something we’re devoting time and resources to in 2022. 

Focusing on a Single Channel or Platform

unfocused marketing strategies - Crimson Park DigitalAn effective marketing strategy usually includes a presence on multiple social media platforms, ads that correctly target the right personas for your business, and a cohesive story that can be tracked across channels. The voice of your brand and the story it tells should be easy to pick up from a Facebook post to a website landing page, to the ad copy of your paid search campaigns. 

If you’ve been meaning to post as much on Facebook as you do on Instagram, or there are other missing pieces in your brand’s footprint, it’s time to focus on creating cohesion across channels in 2022.


Partnering with a Team of Professionals in 2022

Our team of passionate marketers is here to help carry the weight when it comes to managing digital strategies that convert, according to the metrics that matter the most to your organization. And there is one more inevitable trend that marketers won’t be able to ignore this coming year – a cookieless future. Learn to love it, because we don’t have the option to leave it. Cookieless is a catch-all term for the series of privacy-driven marketing technology changes that are most commonly known to be led by media conglomerates Apple and Google. These changes will eliminate or restrict 3rd party cookies (“pixels” or “tracking tags”) and identity tracking across multiple platforms and browsers. 

cookieless marketing - Crimson Park Digital

Some of these changes have already been rolled out and have been affecting marketing performance since early 2020 when 3rd-party cookie blocking was implemented in Safari and Firefox browsers. A new Apple iOS update introduced in 2021 included a requirement for app publishers to receive user permission to access certain personal information, which advertisers came to rely on. In 2022, Google Chrome will introduce a cookie blocker of its own as well.  What does this mean for marketers? Cookieless implementation limits marketers’ abilities to target and/or analyze key audience segments in campaigns, as well as potentially prevents the ability to track conversions from digital advertisements. This could result in a decrease in certain lead actions being tracked, especially on a year-over-year basis. Marketers will need to be even more strategic with their plans for reaching audiences that convert, essentially getting “back to the basics” without relying heavily on automated targeting.


Need help loving or leaving strategies in 2022? Submit a proposal request and let’s work together to achieve your annual goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most effective marketing tips?

Having a thorough understanding of your brand’s target audience/customer, distributing content on the channels your customer actually spends time on, and using marketing tactics that your target customer responds to or that solve their problems are the best tips for marketing effectively.

What type of marketing strategy is most successful?

The most successful marketing strategy depends on the goal of your campaign. Goals can include increasing brand awareness, generating leads or sales, boosting engagement on social channels, or establishing authority among your competitors.

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