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Crimson Convo with Stacey Harrison

We’re excited to kick off a new interview series here on the blog, which will introduce you to marketing professionals whose professional experience and advice are highly valuable, to say the least!

In our first Crimson Convo, we dive into branding strategy, why to develop key messaging, and the how-to’s of implementation – all essential pillars to establish before any marketing campaign is launched. Without further ado, let’s jump in…

Tell us a little bit about your marketing background, and your current role…

My name is Stacey Harrison. I started Harrison Creative Group, a marketing and creative consultancy that acts as an outsourced marketing officer for small and medium-sized businesses. The idea for the business came about as I was consulting for a couple of health care start-ups. They weren’t yet ready for a full-time marketing leader but they needed someone to take charge of building their brand and getting in front of their potential customers.

Many people assume that branding is purely visual, such as logos and color palettes, but it actually involves much more. What does branding mean to you?

Branding is the total impression that your company leaves with a potential customer. The visual aspect that includes the logo and colors and fonts is very important because we are such visual beings. But it also includes the words we use to describe ourselves. This is called key messaging. Words really do matter. So, we need to be thoughtful about the way we describe what we do and how we do it. People want to connect with a story, not just products and services.

What are some tips for crafting a brand’s key messaging?

In order to create a brand’s story and key messaging, you need to know what your brand stands for. The foundation of your company’s messaging, which should be your core values. Values should be a guiding light for how a company conducts itself. They shouldn’t just be a bunch of aspirational words that are printed on a poster in the break room. Involve your key stakeholders in a discussion about the key behaviors of your best employees. Those values will then become a road map for creating your value proposition and other messaging like advantages and calls-to-action.

What is the best way for a brand or its agency to implement key messaging across digital marketing campaigns?

Once the key messaging is developed, an agency partner can create a library of approved headlines, body copy, and calls-to-action that can be used in paid search and social campaigns.  This will help ensure that the brand is represented within the guard rails of the key messaging. Brands that have to consider compliance to regulations will appreciate the opportunity to review this messaging before it goes live.

Any additional thoughts or tips regarding branding?

Developing unique and effective key messaging for a brand is best done by an experienced copywriter. If you’re struggling with the impression your brand is leaving on your audience, contact us at Harrison Creative Group for an evaluation of your messaging and visual identity.

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