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The Hidden Potential of Quora

So what is Quora and why should you use it for marketing purposes? Quora is a moderated forum where readers can ask or answer questions, and find information on particular topics. Dive into the hidden potential of Quora and see how this lesser-used platform can assist in your inbound marketing strategy!

Quora Q&A

With over 300 million active users, it is definitely a platform worth exploring. We tested it out ourselves to see how it worked! There are posting guidelines you must follow, but it really boils down to not self-promoting, or stuffing answers with affiliate links that might generate income. You can use Quora as a place to showcase your expertise in various subjects. We answered a handful of questions about Pinterest and the immediate results were impressive!

Here are examples of questions that we answered:

The first day we had nearly 200 views and each day has brought in more and more activity. In one month’s time, we reached 1,000 views on our answers – the engagement is there to harness!


Upvotes & Shares

Similar to Reddit, Quora users can “upvote” and share answers they find insightful and well-written. This will give you even more exposure and reach, and without additional effort. The most upvoted answers appear first under the corresponding questions, which increases your thought leadership and credibility.

If someone really likes what you have to say, they can click on your profile to learn more about you. They might even send you some answer requests directly! Your Quora profile includes your title, credentials, biography, and topics you’re well-versed in.

Which Questions Should you Answer?

When it comes to answering questions on Quora, look at their timestamps and responses submitted. So, if it already has informative and upvoted answers, it might not be worthwhile to submit one too (especially if any are from renowned experts). If a question was posted years ago, the curiosity’s probably gone by now.

Pay attention for new questions on topics you are knowledgeable in. If no one has answered or what has been submitted is short and basic, this is a question worth jumping on. Write out a few paragraphs and offer references if needed but remember not to self-promote.

The Potential of Quora Advertising

Like any other media platform, Quora advertising can give you more immediate results and at scale if budget allows. With over 50% of Quora users making more than $100k annually and over 65% having a college degree, you can reach a highly-impactful, most likely professional audience (pretty perfect for a B2B or SaaS campaign).

Campaigns can be customized based on your business’ marketing goals, including website conversions, website traffic, brand awareness or app downloads.

Ad formats on Quora blend in pretty well with community-generated results too, providing a seamless experience in the following formats:

  • Text Ads: As Quora’s original ad format, Text Ads provide a non-intrusive, native UX
  • Image Ads: Market your product or service when words alone aren’t enough
  • Promoted Answers: Boost distribution of your organic content on Quora

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