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Paid Media (also known as media buying) is a critical component of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy, effectively filling in the gaps between core channels, such as SEO and PPC. Our approach to paid media is fueled by programmatic media buying tools, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence to automate bidding, placement, and optimization of ads in real time.

By doing so, we target highly-specific audiences and secure ad inventory across a range of channels, such as display, video, and streaming radio. The result? A more streamlined and cost-effective approach to paid media. We’re able to match your brand with content and channels that are the most relevant, ultimately driving stronger results.

At every stage of the paid media process, we take a tailored approach, working with you to propose budgets, negotiate with networks, and monitor and optimize performance for maximum impact.

Our paid media management service also includes social media advertising, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok campaigns. This opens up new opportunities for brands seeking to expand their reach, engage with specific audiences, and achieve their goals through affordable and effective means. Our team has delivered click-through rates (CTRs) that exceed industry averages each month, with cost per click (CPC) at pennies on the dollar.

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frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of programmatic paid media advertising?
Programmatic paid media advertising offers several benefits to brands, including improved audience targeting, cost-effectiveness, real-time campaign optimization, and increased access to data and insights. Programmatic is highly beneficial for businesses that aim to reach specific audiences with tailored messaging, streamline the ad buying process, and utilize AI and machine learning for a strong paid media performance.
What is the difference between programmatic advertising and traditional advertising?
Traditional advertising involves manual techniques for buying ad placements, such as contacting publishers or networks directly or using a media buying agency. Programmatic advertising, on the other hand, uses AI and machine learning to automate these techniques, enabling advertisers to reach specific audiences and bid for placements in real time, making the process much more efficient.
Why do you need a digital marketing agency for paid media buying?
Using a digital marketing agency for paid media can provide several benefits, including access to expertise, technology and tools, a higher guarantee of cost-effectiveness, and improved campaign performance. Digital marketing teams are trained to make sure the paid media strategies they execute are done right–the first time. Overall, agencies help businesses reach desired results of paid media campaigns more efficiently than attempting to manage them in-house.