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Tips for Remote Working

During this unprecedented time, many office-based workers have been forced to shift their work environment to remote working home so that operations can continue, hopefully without interruption. If you’re not used to the work-from-home scenario, we have the essential tips you need to survive, stay productive, and stay connected!

Try to maintain your morning routine. 

Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast and have that necessary coffee or tea. It’s very easy to stay in your pajama’s until lunchtime (or even all day), but it definitely affects your mood. To ensure you maintain your remote working productivity, start each day on a positive note. Even getting dressed into jeans can make an impact, or listening to a short meditation on your Calm app.

Work at a designated workspace in your home. 

Find a quiet room, corner or table and make it as similar to your office desk as possible. The familiarity of your office “home” translated to your actual home can keep you in the work frame of mind.

Take breaks and stretch your legs. 

Just like at the office, you need to get a drink, a snack, or just take a mental break. Allow yourself breaks to avoid burnout and feeling too stiff. Being too sedentary, regardless of where you are, isn’t a healthy habit. That can actually put a damper on your mood and physical health.

Avoid distractions, most importantly, social media! 

It is tempting to open your phone and catch up on Facebook, right? But a few minutes can easily turn into 30 and there goes your productivity. Designate social media to only breaks, and keep your phone out of sight during work time.

Stay connected with co-workers. 

This includes video conferencing with Zoom or Google Hangouts, chat apps like Slack or Basecamp, and phone calls. All will ensure that all remote working team members remain responsive and projects stay on track.

Lastly, cut yourself some slack. 

Many of us have children at home that need us during the remote working day. Whether to provide food or drink, help with distance learning, or just keep the train on the rails. If your children are young, they don’t understand why you’re on the computer all day and can’t play. Therefore, finding time for conference calls or brainstorms will be difficult. Just remember that everyone is in the same boat – you’re not in this alone!

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