Charlotte Marketing Agency Rebrand & Strategic Launch

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The Challenge

Our founder had the itch to redo our Charlotte marketing agency’s website, to elevate our visual representation and optimize our content to better convey details on our services and credentials. When we started digging into what needed an update, we landed on, well, everything…including the logo.

What resulted was a quest to develop a new branding strategy that better positioned our agency as a modern, female-founded and female-led organization, with more consistency in design elements across channels and touchpoints.

The Solution

To start, we simplified our tree and color palette and feminized our branded crimson red. This created a more streamlined and modern representation of our agency’s next era. 

Charlotte Marketing Agency rebrand process

Social Channel Redesign

Our new look on our social media channels uses a more muted color palette with clearly defined branding assets, fonts, and iconography. We updated the bio by applying best practices to tell users a little bit about our Charlotte marketing agency, provide details on what we do, and includes a branded call to action.

Lastly, we updated highlight covers and created new highlight pillars to better represent our team and expertise.

updating charlotte marketing agency social media profiles after a rebrand

New Website Launch

Not only did we implement our new brand across the website, but we also updated every page to include new language, imagery, and meta descriptions that better suited our Charlotte-based marketing agency.

Some of the ways we implemented our branding on the new site include:

  • Header images with forestry imagery and an overlay from our color palette
  • Custom CSS for branded bullet points
  • Cohesive imagery and appearance for blog-featured images
  • Cohesive appearance for graphics used within blogs 
  • New images of our team from a recent photoshoot
  • More intentional language that better matched our brand’s tone

Strategic Distribution of the Rebrand

We deployed a variety of techniques to announce our new appearance. Here’s the general timeline of our launch distribution:

One week before launch:

We distributed a video that featured some elements of our new brand colors and iconography and, in the post’s copy, teased that “big changes [were] in store for Crimson Park Digital.”

The day before we officially launched our new website and implemented the new brand across channels and touchpoints, we distributed a mood board that gave our audience an idea of what was coming.

mood board for charlotte marketing agency rebrand

Launch day 

On the day of our official launch, we released a video that showed the evolution of our brand over the years since its inception. The video includes footage of our team, our unique offering, “providing a white-glove experience to clients passionate about delivering impactful services,” and our new slogan: Empowering brands to flourish.

On Instagram, the caption of this video directed people to view our profile to see the full glow-up. There, users could see a 3×3 grid of images that showcased our new brand and also served as a transition block between our old and new style of imagery.

Charlotte marketing agency instagram grid for rebrand


We distributed a few more content pieces to encapsulate our new branding in the days after our launch.

We pushed out an email newsletter to our followers, introducing them to the new branding and directing them to the updated website. The brand evolution video was repurposed for this email.

That same day, we distributed a video scrolling through the new homepage of the website and directed our social followers to “explore it for themselves.”

Our rebrand just happened to coincide with the move of our headquarters from California to Charlotte, North Carolina. So, we demonstrated the new branding and announced the move just a few days after our official launch.

Charlotte marketing agency relocation carousel

The Results

The rebrand and strategic launch of new visual assets and website content and structure created several lifts in brand KPIs. Google organic search impressions for our agency brand name and its variations increased by nearly 40%, looking at the 4 months before and after the rebrand launch. 

On social media, our post engagement increased by 138%, validating our more consistent and modern approach to our brand representation. Additionally, a positive side effect of our increase in engagement was a lift in post impressions by over 21%. This essentially means that as post engagement increased, our post reach also improved. 


More Monthly Branded Impressions


Higher Social Media Engagement Rate


More Social Media Post Impressions

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