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Top Tips For Healthcare Content Marketing

It’s never been easier to Google a symptom or health condition online. Some studies have found that up to 89% of patients in the US search for their symptoms on a search engine before consulting a healthcare professional. Though this statistic may cause physicians to cringe, it does provide a content marketing opportunity for healthcare providers and brands.

Developing content that addresses common search phrases can boost the search engine rankings (and awareness) of their brands. Healthcare is an industry where many different companies are vying for a share of voice (SOV). The development of the right content marketing strategy can be what sets a healthcare brand apart, and engage the right prospective patients. 


Things to Remember for Content Marketing in Healthcare

Be audience-oriented

One thing that content marketing pieces have in common, across all industries, is relevance to a clearly defined audience. Your audience should include the exact individuals you want to interact with over time. Appeal to them by speaking about what interests them, not your brand. For example, if you want to acquire patients for a chiropractic clinic, publish content about how better posture can alleviate pain. 

Keep content conversational

The quickest way to turn an audience off is by presenting content in a way that is difficult to digest. That means toning down the data and technical details. We recommend keeping content people-focused. Tell stories that humanize any technical details or data you’d like to discuss. This is an opportunity for physicians to pull from their experiences working with patients, rather than strictly using medical findings.

Take on what you have the capacity to continue

Visiting a blog with infrequent posts can make a healthcare organization seem less professional, checked out, or worse – untrustworthy. The key to successful content marketing campaigns is being consistent with content creation. Post using a content calendar that is organized, timely, and reliable. Content marketing for healthcare practices also provides the most value when fresh material aligns with recent developments in the industry.

Be patient

While publishing frequent content pieces can benefit a brand, the key to continued success is understanding the timeline. Know and understand that results will develop over time, as long as updates are consistent (similar to expectations around SEO). As your practice or healthcare organization shares content, the audience will grow in size and understanding, ideally turning into conversions.


Healthcare-Specific Content Strategies

Healthcare brands that have successful content marketing campaigns are those that create content with high-quality photos and videos. This gives a more authentic and less clinical feel. Some practices fill their content calendars with patient case studies or testimonials (HIPAA-compliant). Others present the human side of their organization by featuring the employees in content. Read on for two examples of engaging content marketing strategies by well-known healthcare brands.

Mayo Clinic and Storytelling

Mayo Clinic stands out as a shining example of a healthcare brand that understands the art of storytelling in its blog, Sharing Mayo Clinic, by featuring stories from patients around the world. This resource allows both patients and physicians to share stories in an environment that has developed into a community.

The Mayo Clinic doesn’t stop at blog posts, which is evident by tracking the entirety of the brand’s digital footprint. Mayo Clinic has over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube, with video content and playlists for almost any genre of healthcare. Some topics include dermatology, women’s health, COVID-19, radiology, pediatrics, and more.

They also include videos created by Mayo Clinic nurses and residents that would help introduce prospective patients to the care providers they may be interacting with.


Content Marketing Strategy example of Mayo Clinic - Crimson Park Digital


On Instagram, Mayo Clinic has over 300,000 followers. They share content with easily-digestible statistics and details that are helpful for anyone interested in healthy living. The key thread across Mayo Clinic’s content channels is a very minimal amount of brand-promoting content. Focusing on dispersing information that a prospective patient would actually find useful has undoubtedly contributed to the brand’s large following on its channels.



American Heart Association’s Digital Vision

The American Heart Association is the largest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke in the US. As an organization that is approaching 100 years of practice, the AHA has most certainly had to adjust its content marketing and digital strategy to stay relevant in today’s age.

The AHA has publicly shared a digital vision statement that defines a mindset to improve cardiovascular health – connecting people with the resources and knowledge when and where they need it, fostering meaningful interactions, and creating a unified and consistent experience. Within this strategy is a collection of “digital themes.”

One of these themes is defined as cultivating “REAL Relationships,” or relationships that are Reciprocal, Empathetic, Authentic, and Long-Lasting, with digital media that move people from awareness to action to advocacy.

Content Marketing In Action, on Instagram

What does this look like in execution? On Instagram, the American Heart Association shares photos and stories of caregivers, family members, and others who have been affected by heart-related issues. They also share sharp graphics depicting tips for maintaining heart health. The organization has over  285,000 followers on this platform and a frequent posting cadence. On YouTube, the AHA takes a similar approach to the Mayo Clinic. Their videos detail ways to live a healthy lifestyle, a playlist about mental health, and timely content posted in step with certain holidays and cultural trends. With over 155,000 subscribers, the content clearly appeals to individuals who find it on the platform.


Content Marketing Strategy example of American Heart Association - Crimson Park Digital


By considering the content strategy of these two popular healthcare organizations, other healthcare brands can follow suit based on their industry niche or practice specialty. The bottom line for success with content marketing in healthcare is to…

  • Prioritize humanity over brand promotion
  • Appeal to individuals by addressing their needs
  • Consistently create and post content that keeps your audience engaged


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 P's of healthcare marketing?

The 5 P’s of healthcare marketing are Patients, Physicians, Professional Healthcare Administrators, Payers, and Policy Makers.

How is B2B marketing used in healthcare?

Healthcare companies hoping to reach other companies should use marketing strategies that are professional and set their brand apart from other healthcare organizations. The difference between B2B marketing and B2C marketing when it comes to the healthcare industry is who the healthcare brand is speaking to: rather than patients (B2C), B2B content would speak to providers or organizations.

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